The best thing about The Clubhouse is the people who find us. Click on the images to read what some of our infinitely awesome Clubhouse peeps have shared about what they have experienced since hanging out with us here. 

... now what?


The clubhouse is a warm place to be. I hesitated a long time before I decided to come after a colleague told me to go to the clubhouse with my (physical) complaints.

In fact I don’t know how it works and what’s happening when I’m lying on the table and afterwards. What I do know is that I AM unfolding.  My complaints are less. I feel more relaxed, stronger, more with my feet down to earth, lighter, brighter. The way my body tells stuff about me, the way Tara reads my body and personality is often touché or gives me things to think over.

So: The Clubhouse is a warm place to be.     —  YVONNNE


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The Clubhouse gave me space and a unique lens to begin to see my true, thriving self through. My grip and control on things began to soften and my acceptance of what’s possible, within me, just keeps on expanding    —  SARAH

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One of the most powerful qualities of the Clubhouse with Tara and Shayne and all the harmonious environment around it; it’s the deep feeling of coming home that this place emanates. My conditioning about how I often experience life; makes me believe that life is unsafe and such happy places of connection are very rare or not possible. But these ladies are so much ahead, and they emanate such a loving and insightful attitude, they blow my mind. They lead me home, just because I trust what they see and are, and create. My mind does not understand anything! but a deep sense of longing has been ignited. Magic can happen! Thank you, girls for being so authentic and fearless.   —  MARTA

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De afgelopen 6 jaar zijn mijn dochters en ik met veel plezier bij Tara onder liefdevolle behandeling. Met opgroeiende meiden en mijn praktijk voor coaching van hoogsensitieve en hoogbegaafde kinderen zijn er nu en dan avonturen in het leven waarbij we graag de rustgevende hulp van Tara ervaren bij het verwerken. Met veel energie en ideeën komt het weleens voor dat we onze grenzen vergeten. En die voelen we weer als we lekker bij het Clubhouse op de bank hebben liggen smelten.   —  SUZANNA

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I went to Tara a few years ago because I was experiencing agonizing pain in the right side of my groin for years. Whenever I taught yoga, I had a hard time standing because of the pain. I had been to chiropractors, osteopaths, energy healers, massage therapists, Cranio sacral therapists, you name it, I had tried it, and nothing seemed to be able to resolve the pain.

After Tara’s initial discussion about what she perceived, I started to see her regularly went to her practice twice a week in the beginning, then once a week for a while. And somewhere in that time the pain went away, and never came back.

One day I was sitting cross legged on Tara’s massage table and I burst out in tears of gratitude, because I realized something that came so naturally now, had been out of my reach before I met Tara.   —  ROBIN

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I always say I buy happiness at The Clubhouse. When I am at the Clubhouse I feel good and when I walk out I feel more into my body, like I don’t want to think and just be. I have become more aware and more in touch with my emotions. I intend to come there as long as I am lucky enough that The Clubhouse is in Amsterdam.   —  JEROEN

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I started my adventure at the Clubhouse because of neck pain. It needed to be fixed, no more pain was the goal. Well I learned there is no ‘fixing’ at the Clubhouse. No judgement, no right or wrong. After two visits my neck pain was gone. You would think it was time for me to leave, but I felt I was at the right place at the right time. Although my mind doesn’t always know why I go back. The Clubhouse is an experience which will be different for everyone. Let’s just say it is an amazing ride where you feel warm hands while there is no one there, a relief of thoughts with just a gentle touch and feeling your body move while laying still. The amazing part is ……. It’s all you!!

The Clubhouse is there for the happy and the sad. A warm hug and cosy place where you can be you. And the most important ‘Nothing needs to be fixed, it's all you, it is all ok’.   —  NIC