Because, let’s just get something straight. Right off the bat. You are all that matters. You are alive, existing, breathing, being…all day, every day, always. That bit is undeniable. The thing is though, somewhere along the way, your attention was diverted anywhere and everywhere else from where you are, what you are and who you are. 

The Clubhouse is an invitation back to you. 

Those who arrive here quickly discover that they aren’t broken. They never were. And they aren’t in need of fixing. The simple act of being seen (and allowed) in any state, in any shape, in all ways ignites a seeing of self that activates new potential experiences. The Clubhouse is a space and place where people get to see and meet themselves exactly where they are and be witness to their own completeness and perfection, without judgement and with curious anticipation for what else is possible for them. But of course, sometimes when we’re offered the space to truly see and feel ourselves it often comes with judgement, ridicule and a filtering of sorts/a whole lot of non-allowance. Right? We get it! The only way we are able to offer the humans who arrive here the space to feel all of the things is because we have allowed, and continue to allow it for ourselves. Yes folks, we keep it real as real as real here at The Clubhouse. We make it all ok. 

What is happening here?

What happens at The Clubhouse is the only happening that truly matters. 
That happening is you.