We are humans who studied chiropractic and have an insatiable curiosity around the connection of everything; from universal forces to cellular function to the construction of reality itself. The world we work in is moving so damned fast, that most of the stuff we learnt just doesn't feel relevant anymore. It’s not wrong. But it’s not enough to be right.

We believe that the world - and its systems - haven’t allowed the full expression of what it is to be human. And we want to crack that shit wide open. You are not a closed system, and your being and body should not have to fit into one.

Over the past years, our questions and exploration have led us to amazing discoveries in the realm of potential and experience. Through this unfolding, our practice style has shifted from a physical understanding to one of energy, existence and expression. Who are we really? What are we really capable of? How can we allow and experience even more of ourselves? What limited our potential in the first place? 

We have more questions, have seen more change for people (physically, mentally, emotionally, everything-ally), and are having more fun now, than ever before.

(sort of)

We're Chiropractors.

Meet Tara

Her vision for humanity is bigger than big, huger than huge, greater than great. It is simply undeniable.

Tara sees you in your completeness. Often before you see yourself at all. Through the lens of infinite possibility and potential, Tara gracefully facilitates an expansion experience that leaves you closer to your own greatness. Her ability to see and feel behind and beyond what you believe is possible, ignites an extraordinary unfolding for all who arrive on her table.    

Tara is stunningly clever, insatiably curious and isn't afraid to follow her own knowing as she stretches and bends our current understanding of the human experience. The one known as Tara is one to know. She is a master amplifier, an audacious thinker, a ruthless explorer, a genuine genius and a straight up wizard of what is yet to be seen. She also has exceptionally long arms which makes her super handy to have around.
Let's just say, Tara knows stuff!

Meet Shayne

Shayne is here for everything! The self-proclaimed hype girl for life and we all agree.

She sees the biggest potential in the smallest places and is more excited than anyone about what is possible for you. (really). We are pure potential! No one knows this better than Shayne. All of what is possible for you lies in the depths of who we are and she is not afraid to jump in the deep end.

Her natural awareness of general cosmic magic and her super-human experience of what it is to embody all of ourselves blends together in a way that makes her literally radiate sunbeams. She is the warmest of hugs, the realest of real, a curator of curiosity and she has stories to share. (with snacks, always!)

With her unparalleled sense of fun and (incredibly accurate) knowing that there is more for us to experience, she is starting a new party for humanity to play in! One that amplifies more of life and more of ourselves.

She's already sent your invite x

Meet Nina

Passionate, inquisitive, perceptive and sensitive (she really has wickedly precise spidey senses). These distinct Nina qualities have guided her to beautiful Amsterdam and she is thrilled to explore EVERYTHING at The Clubhouse.

Her follow-your-nose philosophy fits perfectly with what the Clubhouse is about and in her own words; “This place is unique and exciting and the opportunity to come play with other curious beings matches my eagerness to discover more about what it truly means to be human”.

Coming from a volcanic land (Clermont-Ferrand, France), there is an abundant magma that keeps a fire burning in her heart for living an even more beautiful life. We have lovingly nicknamed her Ninja Nina, cos she is one super aware and honed-in human that lives by this little notion…

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself”.

Meet Sara

Sara has a gift in her ability to care for and about people.

Her sensitivity and awareness, her ability to perceive what is happening in someone's system and her insatiable curiosity all contribute to her clinical and personal excellence. Her flexible strength and energy are tangible and rare to find.

If you are that lucky to walk by her side you will experience her beautiful presence, never ahead of you, never behind you, just right by your side. Her deep roots allow her to reach out to the highest skies. If Sara were an animal she would be an octopus - she is so smart and has so many arms for all her interests and aspects in life she cares about - when she touches you with her two hands it feels like she touches you with eight!

From Sara: As soon as I stepped into The Clubhouse, I was surprised by the sense of ease that I felt, the peace, the energy, the lights, the joy of the people who were there. Since that moment joining the team became an “unreachable dream”. Something that you admire so much that you think is even too big for you to wish to be part of. Joining The Clubhouse is the perfect demonstration that if you allow yourself to stretch them, things can change. I’m honoured to be part of this and I can’t wait to witness and observe all the magical things that will happen.